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Avatar Jedi Council

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March 2012   -   Drawn in MyPaint, colored in GIMP
Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra

Featuring Kyoshi, Roku, Korra, and Aang. An Avatar/Star Wars crossover fanart prize for Philip, who was a winner of the 2011 Avatar Pumpkin Carving Contest. He wanted the four Avatars as lightsaber-wielding Jedi with a volcanic background, and I had so much fun drawing this.

Did a bunch of research for it at Wookieepedia and together figured that the forms they might use would be: Korra - Shien (with a backwards grip like Ahsoka Tano), Aang - Soresu, Roku - Niman, and Kyoshi - Djem So, although I used an Ataru stance. I also stylized their lightsaber hilts to represent their home nations, cleaner view here. Overall took about 3 months, and we're super happy with it. :)

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