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Korra Amigurumi Doll

(full size)

October 2011   -   yarn crochet
Avatar: The Legend of Korra

Featuring Korra in her main attire, and my first attempt at crochetting this design.

I learned how to crochet over the summer, so I made this as a prize for the 2011 Avatar Pumpkin Carving Competition. It is my first full-fledged amigurumi. I used Becchin's person doll pattern as a base, and figured out how to make the Korra design as I went along. She is 6½ inches tall, and can stand on her own. Her head does not swivel like in the original pattern, though, because that would have used way too much yarn.

It took a whole month to finish crocheting this, in part because I used multi-colored yarn, so I had to cut them into 5" strips and then tie the same-colored pieces together. And then crochet it in a way so that the knots would be hidden on the inside. Ha ha! It was a nightmare. But I did save money by buying that kind of yarn, so... *shrug*

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